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It is so incredible that the school year is almost over. We have a fantastic period behind us and there are still plenty of programs and learning opportunities waiting for us in the coming weeks. In recent days, we have gotten to know about the sea animals in more details and added a lot of new tunes to our song repertoire such as ‘Party on the ocean floor song’ or ‘I love summer songs. We did a scavenger hunt in the big garden and noticed a lot of little things around us in nature. We also took part in the last Rolli-Polli session of the school year with great activity and super atmosphere. The Cuddly Koalas are very much looking forward to the Step-up day when children can exmerience their future class rooms in the next school year. Sports day also promises to be fabulous with a variety of sports activities. The End of the year party will be a lovely closing  to this fantastic school year with our little Koalas.