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It was well awaited and amazing to see some of the Cheeky Monkeys children after the lockdown and have visual art lessons with them. They proved to Miss Ildikó that they can illustrate and draw their favourite scene from a children’s book called ‘Caps for Sale’. The children listened to Miss Ildikó with closed eyes to sharpen their ears and imagination. They have drawn beautiful and funny scenes from the story and in the mean time they had a ‘Q and A’ session about the online visual arts videos to quench their thirst of curiosity. Of course, the Cheeky Monkeys loved the ‘Guess It Drawing Game’ too. They took turns and drew great animals on each other’s back. The monkeys were full of laughter and experienced that this game is not as easy to guess as it looks for the first sight on the video. They were way more emphatic towards Miss Ildikó and her special guest in her video, Miss Anikó afterwards.To put the cherry on top, they tried to play the game in a tutu train version when the rainy weather forced them underneath the climbing house, but sadly they could not finish and play the game till the end. Maybe next time!