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Singing is a basic and beautiful form of human expression. A child’s ability to be expressive in language extends to the exploration of her many voices, singing songs in a limited range, and emerging pitch accuracy. In keeping with the integrated nature of learning, the benefits of singing extend beyond the ability to match pitches. Singing helps with memory and recall, with physical development, creativity, and socialization.

In response to the Hungarian Government directive we must inform you that HAPPY KIDS International Kindergarten and Nursery will be closed from Thursday 19 March 2020 until further notice.

For new enquiries our admissions team is at your service to discuss enrollment.

Please contact Mrs. Petra Kim 003630-6265275.

Tájékoztatjuk Önöket, hogy a magyar kormány rendelete alapján a HAPPY KIDS Nemzetközi Óvoda 2020. március 19., csütörtöktől további értesítésig zárva tart.

Amennyiben kérdése merülne fel, felvételi csapatunk a rendelkezésre áll, hogy megbeszéljék a beiratkozást.

Kérjük, vegye fel a kapcsolatot Mrs. Petra Kimmel. Tel.: 003630-6265275.