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The Cheeky Monkeys children had their last playdate in the Chess Palace. The chess characters asked the children about their favourite chess games and let them play those games the last time together. First, they played hide-and-seek with the chess pieces. The children had to clap very fast if the chosen child were near the hidden chess piece, and very slow if far away from it. Then, the children played a memory game with the chess pieces. They had to put the chess pieces in the same order as they were in the children’s hands. At last, they played a chess-themed dice game where they practiced their addition skills by adding the rolled chess pieces’ values together. The chess-themed golden medal goes to Medó as her final number is 25. Three silver medals go to Benedek, Albert, and Krishvikram as their final number is 22. Another three bronze medals go to Siru, Wardah, Jiarui, and Barnabás as their final number is 16. What an exciting chess-filled academic year is coming to its end. The chess characters will surely miss the children very much.