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We, the Cheeky Monkeys, have had a busy two weeks. They started the week with finalizing the ‘My Body Sculpture Project’ to reflect what they have been learning during the unit ‘Systems’. After finishing their sculpture project, the children also shared what they learned during the unit. Meanwhile, we have been continuing with the preparations for the Fashion show. ‘Fashion Show’ was so much fun and joyful thanks to your participation.
Spring in the classroom is just getting even more fun and engaging with Easter art activities. The Cheeky Monkeys were practicing to sing and dance for the Assembly to celebrate throughout the week. For Mathematics, the Cheeky Monkeys continued with recapping the unit on early multiplication. They have started to learn about division with our Math counting feet book, ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’ and have been working on sharing equally and finding the numbers of groups.