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The Christmas season in the Cheeky Monkey Classroom, before the winter break, just got even more fun and engaging with preparing Christmas gifts for our parents like cooking gingerbread cookies, making a card, and sewing a stocking! We worked and had fun at the various Christmas-themed learning centres like mandala coloring, math, and literacy, observational drawings, linework illustrations, and yoga. We enjoyed the winter with a hot chocolate party.
The Cheeky Monkeys have been celebrating a birthday together. They started with the happy birthday song. Then, a birthday cake was shared around the classroom. We had some songs and dance to celebrate the birthday and then the birthday kid was sharing photos from her babyhood.
After a relaxing winter break, we have had a fresh return and a busy two weeks. We started the first week with our new unit, ‘System’, by inquiring about five senses with a game and three main parts of the body. We talked about how the body works as a factory and we watched an interesting video about that. Then, we discussed while each part of the body has a specific function, how they could work all together in great harmony. Children drew their own body images as a pre-assessment activity and read an interactive book, giving children an opportunity to discover what happens in their body in specific situations, called ‘Listening to My Body’ by Gabi Garcia. Lastly, children shared what they wonder the most and learn more about their bodies.