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We, the Cheeky Monkeys, have had an eventful two weeks. Mother’s Day celebration in the classroom was a great and heart-warming time to share our love and show our appreciation to our dearest mums and parents. Therefore, The Cheeky Monkeys have started the week by practicing singing and dancing for Mother’s Day. They learned a poem and drew portraits of their mum by using watercolour technique. To express how special their mums are, they made a card with a drawing of their mother’s favourite flower and wrote why they are so special.
For the Unit of Inquiry, the Cheeky Monkeys were very busy with the flowers and the plants. They had a nice nature walk to observe and collect the nice plants and flowers to make an ‘Ikebana’. They learned what an ‘Ikebana’ is and arranged the plants and the flowers that they chose for their mums or parents. They have also started to learn about energy. They have been inquiring about where energy comes from and what to know about energy. For Mathematics, The Cheeky Monkeys have started practicing adding numbers by counting on up to 100.