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We, the Cheeky Monkeys, have had a busy two weeks. The children were discovering how our brain controls movement with a fun game that gives them a chance to experience the connection between their senses, brain and control of their bodies. The Cheeky Monkeys were trying to do what they were told, not what they saw. Then, they tried the opposite and found different ways not to get confused. The more they got confused, the more they had fun and inquired how our skeletal, muscular and nervous system works interconnected to each other to move.

Meanwhile, The Cheeky Monkey class had been working hard on repeated addition and learning a new Math concept ‘multiplication’. We kept practicing this new concept by using characters like crab, spider, dog from our special counting by feet book called ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’.

The Cheeky Monkeys love celebrating the fun and special days together. We celebrated Carnival by playing games with great excitement and amazing costumes. This week, we have been celebrating birthdays. The children started with the happy birthday song and birthday cakes were shared around the classroom. Then, they had some songs and danced to celebrate birthdays.