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The Cheeky Monkeys, have had a busy two weeks. We have been continuing with our unit on ‘Money’. Children have been working on art projects as groups to create their own ‘Art Market’ in the classroom. They decided how much their art works cost and labelled them to sell in the market. Then, they set up a stand to sell what they prepared to the other group members. When they were selling, they calculated how much change they got and how much they had left. At the end, they calculated how much they earned  and discussed how to share the money with each group member equally. They also shared what they would use the money for. The children in Cheeky Monkeys have been celebrating a birthday with their friends. They started with the happy birthday song and then, a birthday cake was shared around the classroom. We also had some songs and dancing to celebrate the birthday. During Rolli Polli, they enjoyed moving and played different obstacle courses.