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The Cheeky Monkeys have been learning about British money. The class explored activities that simulate using money in the real world through various activities involving the exchange of money and goods. This would have several benefits to the children, not only in the context of mathematics but also in exploring cross-curricular themes such as learning responsibility, enriching class community, and improving problem-solving skills. We utilised our classroom community to teach the children the responsibility of earning money and contributing to society. Money is earned through hard work and to be able to afford necessities and wants in life, we have to work and take responsibility in our community and society.
The bazaar was the highlight of the children’s foray into learning about money in the real world. With the ‘money’ they were earning by doing chores around the classroom, the children had the chance to purchase goods displayed. Items were set out with price tags on them and cashiers were waiting for the children to bring what they wanted to purchase. The children actively took part and were busy calculating how much they had earned and what they could buy with it. They had to do careful maths to make sure they had enough, they had to work hard at identifying their coins and counting them together to give to the cashiers. This showed resourcefulness from the children and also made them aware that their hard work throughout the week enabled them to be able to afford the things they wanted.