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It was amazing to see some of the Brilliant Pandas children after the lockdown and have visual arts lessons with them. The very few art lessons were quite cosy as only a few of them were here. The pandas have shown that their imagination and creativity is very good and they can draw scenes very well from a children’s story book called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ even when they cannot see any pictures from it. They have drawn giraffes, gorillas, cheetahs and many other animals from their memories. Another day they had so much fun when they had the chance to play the ‘Guess It Drawing Game’ with their peers and teachers. They just could not settle with the wonder Miss Ildikó put them into, they could not believe her magical teleportation ability and figure out her mysterious art video. The building was loud of ideas and thoughts of these children for days. Of course, Miss Anikó, her special guest kept her colleague’s secret. The children enjoyed drawing on each other’s back and making the same mistakes as Miss Ildikó did sometimes in the video as well.