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We have had an eventful fortnight. Our current unit, ‘A Century of Art’, has been allowing the children to discover different forms of art. The Brilliant Pandas were visited by an aspiring writer and friend from the Cheeky Monkeys classroom to share the book written and illustrated by him. The children were very enthusiastic and had a great opportunity to be inspired to be creative.

The Brilliant Pandas celebrated ‘World Read Aloud Day’ with a reading from the story ‘The Worst Princess’ by Anna Kemp. The story was read with actions and repetition. Children had great joy while acting the story out. As a follow-up activity, the children worked in pairs to sequence pictures of the story and retell the story to their friends.

The Brilliant Pandas love celebrating fun and special days together. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they sang and performed a dance together. During the week, we discussed what love means to them and the ways of expressing love to understand the importance of this day. Children practised a deep breathing exercise which helps strengthen the heart to have more space for love. They tried to find where their heart is and listen to how it beats. To discover more, they listened to their own heartbeat again after jumping and running and talked about the differences and the reasons. Also, they listened to each other’s heartbeat and discussed how hearing someone else’s heart beating made them feel. In the end, they shared where they feel love as a feeling in their body and how they can spread love.
The Pandas enjoyed discovering different movements with lots of joy during Rolli Polli. It is always a ton of fun with the obstacle course giving the opportunity for children to roll and play on and around the foam structure.