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The Brilliant Pandas have had a busy two weeks. They started the week by working on their costumes to finalise their art project, ‘Phoenix: Rising from Ashes’, for the Charity Art Exhibition. Meanwhile, we have been continuing with the preparations for the Charity Fashion Show.

For Jolly Phonics, the Brilliant Pandas have been learning alternative sounds and continuing to learn tricky words. They were working really hard on writing and reading during the weeks.

For the Charity Fashion Show event, The Brilliant Pandas were learning about the Hungarian rescue team HUNOR and the rescue dogs. On the day of the Charity Fashion Show, we had the cutest visitor in our classroom with her owner. We had a conversation about how they recently helped people in Turkey and all around the world as a team with their dogs. The Charity Fashion Show gave us a great opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to them for their help. It was so much fun and joyful thanks to your participation.