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The Brilliant Pandas have had an eventful fortnight. The children have been continuing learning new sounds and they have completed the first group of sounds, /s/, /a/, /t/, /i/, /p/ and /n/, in the Jolly Phonics programme.

Meanwhile, The Brilliant Pandas Class had been working hard on Maths. They have been practising numbers up to 5 with a fun game called ‘Bus Stop’.

We have been continuing with our current unit on ‘Families and Friends’. A book, All of Me written by Molly Bang, about being thankful for our bodies was read in the classroom and the children talked about their physical features and compared them with their friends. They have been also discussing the similarities and differences between themselves. Meanwhile, for the year-long Unit on ‘Rules and Routines’, we have been also focusing on the topics of ‘being a thinker’, ‘being a team’ as a class and as small groups with the TRIBEs activities and ‘collaboration’. The children in Brilliant Pandas have been celebrating a birthday with their friends. The children started with the happy birthday song. Then, a birthday cake was shared around the classroom. After this, we had some songs and danced to celebrate the birthday.