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We have had an eventful fortnight. October is “International School Library Month”, an annual celebration of school libraries worldwide. This month is vital to support children to gain a habit of visiting libraries to take the agency of their learning. Therefore, the Ervin Szabó Library today. They learned about the history of each room and had an opportunity to read many different kinds of books. The Brilliant Pandas were also celebrating “World Food Day” in order to highlight the food we choose and the way we consume it that affects our health and our planet. The children also had been learning about seeds and how to plant in the classroom.

Meanwhile, The Brilliant Pandas Class had been working hard on the project of “All About Me” for our current Unit of Inquiry called ‘Families and Friends’. The main goal of this project is to help children learn about themselves, their friends and their families by focusing on similarities and differences among them. While they had been working hard on drawing self-portraits to have an awareness of their own physical appearances, they also shared their hobbies and interests with their friends. For maths, The Brilliant Pandas were focusing on the topics of comparison and symmetry with this project. They were learning about symmetry and comparing their characteristics such as their hair, skin, and eyes, as well as their differences and similarities. At the end of the discussion, they completed the other half of their partner’s portrait by focusing on symmetry rules and similarities and differences among them.

Halloween season in the classroom just got even more fun and engaging with our spooky Halloween costumes, dance, songs, Halloween yoga and games. We got some sweets and celebrated Halloween both in the classroom and outside.