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The Brilliant Pandas had a busy two weeks. Children had been working hard on their Thanksgiving songs and they performed with great joy for the assembly. We learned about the history behind Thanksgiving and a book about what we can be thankful for was read in the classroom. They shared what they are thankful for with their friends and they wrote them on a piece of paper to make their own ‘Thankful Turkeys’. The Pandas celebrated Thanksgiving at the Gym with everyone and had a festive lunch during that day.

We have been continuing with learning the new sounds of the Jolly Phonics. Also, to practise the concept of sorting in maths, a great book, ‘Sorting, Math Counts’ written by Henry Arthur Pluckrose was read interactively and children were asked to sort the materials and group them by their colours, sizes, and kinds and lengths in the classroom. During the class discussion, Paulina had an idea that the ‘Matryoshka Doll’ can be sorted by size. The next day, she brought a Matryoshka doll from home to show how to stack the dolls and explained that it is coming from Russia. Then, each doll was given to a child to sort and order them by size and they stacked them by working as a team.

The Pandas also had Rolli Polli session to discover different movements with lots of joy. They had a ton of fun with the obstacle course giving them the opportunity to roll and play on and around the foam structure.