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We, the Brilliant Pandas, have had a busy two weeks. We have been continuing with our unit on ’A Century of Art’. We talked about art as a way of expression. Writing, singing, dancing and painting are different forms of expression to convey ideas and feelings. One of the Brilliant Pandas brought a microphone to show and tell to her friends. It gave us a great opportunity to talk about ’music’ as a different form of art and self-expression. The children learned that artists are not just painters, but also musicians and that we can all be inspired to learn to play an instrument or sing by famous musicians. Children, who were willing to sing, performed to their friends with the microphone. They also enjoyed hearing their voices through the microphone.
We have been continuing with learning the new sounds of the Jolly Phonics. For Maths, to learn the concept of measuring, ‘Is It Heavy or Light?’, the song by Jack Hartmann, was played to learn the objects which are heavy and light by practising with movements. Also, it was explained that we can compare the weights of different objects by using words like ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’. To measure and compare, the children worked at the different tables as Tribes and they were encouraged to compare the objects by using the words ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’.
The children in Brilliant Pandas have been celebrating birthdays with their friends for the past two weeks. The children started with the happy birthday song. Then, the birthday cakes were shared around the classroom. After this, we had some songs and dancing to celebrate our birthdays.