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We have had another busy fortnight in the Brilliant Pandas. The children have been preparing for the Charity Art Auction and discussing their emotions during and after online learning. For this, they have connected colours and lines to different feelings which they have been expressing through their artwork entitled ‘The Pheonix’. We also celebrated Carnival, where the children got the opportunity to dress up in their various costumes and spend the day full of games and activities, including a popular team-building bridge game. This week, the children have been preparing for the Fashion Show with the accompaniment of the adults. The theme this year will be ‘Space’ and the planets of the Solar System. We are looking forward to displaying our planets for you during the show. In Mathematics, the children have been counting in tens, inspired by the book ‘One is a Snail’. They have practised reading a number beyond twenty and selecting the correct animals to make the number.