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It was nice to see some of the Bright Bunnies children after the lockdown and have visual arts lessons in person with them. The children worked on a Crumpled Paper Art Project and enjoyed crumpling the paper into small balls each time and painting them with different colours very much. The children took turns and used colourful toy pieces to pick the colour each time to decide what colour to paint the paper with. They really enjoyed the whole process and were very proud of their work after all. They were amazed to see each time if they open a fully painted crumpled paper ball, it is still barely painted somehow. Another day the Bunnies had their lesson in the garden and played an arty game there. The Guess It Drawing Game was very popular and liked by the children. They enjoyed to draw on each other’s back and guess the animals of the others have drawn on them as well. The children giggled a lot during these art lessons.