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​Happy New Year Everybody! Our Bright Bunnies returned to school after a two-week break, happy to meet with their teachers and peers. Seeing the Cultural diversity board they had prepared at the end of the year reminded them of the diverse and unique class they really are. The Bunnies have been exploring Cultural Diversity as their Unit of Inquiry and it has been an interesting and exciting journey for them. They have been learning to acknowledge similarities and differences between people and cultures, and how to respect and honor each and every one of them. The Bunnies started the new year with a lot of outdoor and indoor play and they even celebrated one of their friend’s birthdays. We are thrilled to have them back, to nurture, love, educate, and contribute to their growth and development as their teachers. May you have a wonderful year Bright Bunnies, full of mind-blowing learning experiences, as well as lots of fun.