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The class of the Bright Bunnies have been very busy the past few weeks working on different projects and learning new things. What was truly exciting for them was the new learning experience they had together with the Friendly Frogs. We have been implementing a new method with the application of a kinaesthetic and multi-sensory approach, focusing on various math concepts and language development. The activities have been taking place in the gym and the children have been learning how to collaborate, practise patience and spatial awareness, as well as word recognition and numeration combined with gross motor skills. In addition, the Bunnies had a fantastic time participating in exciting gross motor activities at Rolli Polli. Valentine’s Day celebration was a truly special event our Bunnies were looking forward to with great enthusiasm. The children prepared beautiful cards and gift boxes for their parents, expressing their love and affection. Moreover, they have been practicing sweet Valentine’s songs and were very happy to perform for their families. The world has never seen so many Bunnies hugging each other as our Bunnies did on Valentine’s Day. Well done Bright Bunnies, for showing an example of unconditional love.