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A big welcome again to all the parents and children of the Bright Bunnies class. It has been an exciting two weeks with the Bunnies learning and getting to know one another. For those who were here last year, it is about navigating and getting to know a new classroom and, of course, making new friends; for those starting with us this year, everything is new; therefore, they are eager to explore all the classroom, and the garden has to offer.

This week we celebrated Literacy Day. It is a day celebrated to remind everyone of the importance of literacy as it is without a doubt the right of everyone to receive an education. We have started a new Unit of inquiry, titled, “This is me.” The Bunnies are learning that they are all unique. The Bunnies have also started to learn the letter sounds. So far, we have covered the letter sound ‘s’ we made some fun crafts of items, starting with this particular sound.